Course Notice: "Peasant Economics" by Dr. Nico Heerink


Instructor: Dr. Nico Heerink, Wageningen University

Dr. Nico Heerink is an associate professor in the Department of Social  Economics, Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He achieved his Ph.D. in  Economics in the University of Florence, Italy, 1991. He has long been engaged  in research in resources and environmental economics. He was a senior  representative and senior researcher at the Beijing Representative Office of the  International Food Policy Research Institute from 2004 to 2006. In recent years,  Dr. Nico Heerink has published more than 50 papers in well-recognized journals  (such as “Ecological Economics”, etc.) and enjoys a high international  reputation in the field of economics.


Course Introduction

Course Name: Peasant Economics

Course Credit: One credit

Course Introduction:

This course will provide doctoral and master students with: 1) the principles  and methodology to conduct farmer behavior study and examine their response to  policy incentives, and 2) some related topics and research in rural China. The  aim is to help the graduate students get an in-depth knowledge of the driving  forces of farmers’ behavior and response to policy incentives. This course  contains a total of seven lessons: the first and second lessons mainly introduce  study related to farm scale and agricultural productivity, the third and fourth  lessons mainly focus on the analysis of farmers’ behavior, and the fifth and  sixth lessons concentrate on non-agricultural employment.

    This course is credited with one credit and the assessment method is the  exam.

Class time and place:

First time: October 14th (Sunday) 14:30-17:30 pm                Yifu Building  8042

Second time: October 15 (Monday) evening 19:00-21:00            Yifu Building  8042                       

Third time: October 16 (Tuesday) evening 19:00-21:00            Yifu Building  7051

Fourth time: October 17 (Wednesday) 14:30-17:30 pm              Yifu Building  8042                       

Fifth time: October 18 (Thursday) evening 19:00-21:00           Yifu Building  8042                       

Sixth time: October 19 (Friday) evening 19:00-21:00             Yifu Building  8042                       

Seventh time: October 20th (Saturday) 9:00-11:30 am             Yifu Building  8042                       

Reminder: This course needs to be operated on the machine. You will use Stata  and Excel softwares. Please bring your own computers to the class and install  the softwares in advance.

Course selection: Students who want to take the course should send a text  message of “Student ID + Name + Professional + College + Contact Information” to  18751997892(Yu) before 17:00 on October 13th.